Catholic Parish St. Joseph in Greifswald

St. Joseph Greifswald
St. Joseph Greifswald

Invitation to the Parish

To be catholic in the northeast of Germany means to live in the minority: with other people who do not know much about the Catholic faith, who celebrate Easter and Christmas without knowing the underlying Christian traditions and whose impression is formed by the negative headlines in the news. But there are some who appreciate the
cultural and historical meaning of the venerable church and who express their faith through charitable work.

Thats why we want to be, as the Catholic parish in Greifswald, home for Catholics in Greifswald and surrounding neighborhoods. We also see it as our job to be open toeveryone who is interested in our Christian traditions and has questions about Christian belief or is just curious or looking for a viable parish.

We are a friendly parish with many groups and circles in every age and from all walks of life. There is something of interest for everyone.

We invite you to celebrate mass with us. Once a month there is a coffee-hour following the service. You can learn more about our parish by attending our orientation-café, an open, non-binding conversation for searchers and interested parties.

Our kindergarden and Scout group are open for all children. They impart Christian values, responsibility and a sense of community to children and teens.

We want to be present in Greifswald. Our church is open for visitors during the summer months and on the yearly open house. We have regular concerts. Together with the Lutheran church we participate in the yearly Christmas market, we organize carol singers and are active in many ecumenical activities.

Social commitment is an important and natural thing for us. Through our Citizen Board membership our church stands for the welfare of our city and all its citizens. can find us in Greifswald and Gützkow.